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Dental Technology

Our office uses common technology like digital x-rays and electric hand-pieces in
addition to the more uncommon technologies below:

Itero Scanner Technology

Itero scanners use a pen-like, light-emitting wand to capture high-resolution images inside your mouth. Your dentist moves the wand to cover all teeth areas, including those at the back. The Itero scanner allows for real-time scans, which you can view with your dentist through a monitor. You can receive accurate impressions quickly and your dental team can also forward copies to the dental lab and other third-party service providers immediately. Images can also be stored for future reference.

Intraoral Camera Technology

Intraoral cameras produce high-resolution 3D images of the mouth. These images help dental professionals create accurate and effective dental appliances. The traditional 2D images are beneficial but the data they show is limited. Intraoral cameras can also be integrated with other dental technology, such as the Itero scanner, so your dentist can map out customized treatment plans with ease. These innovations allow your dental team to spot potential issues early on and provide better quality of care.

Digital X-Ray Technology

Digital x-ray or digital radiography uses digital sensors to capture specific images. They expose the body to very small quantities of radiation. Unlike the traditional X-rays that use a film, digital X-rays use x-ray sensitive plates to capture images. Images can be instantly transferred to the computer for easy and quick viewing or editing. Digital X-rays also eliminate the need for chemical processing, which helps reduce dental costs.

Panoramic X-Ray Technology

A panoramic x-ray is a 2D x-ray that produces a flat image of the entire mouth. This includes the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and tissues, all in one film. A panoramic x-ray or panorex helps your dentist assess, diagnose, and treat issues related to your mouth. They're beneficial in planning treatments, such as extractions, dentures, and implants. Unlike intraoral scanners, a panorex is taken outside of the mouth. Your dentist or the technician asks you to bite down on a material to ensure proper teeth alignment. The machine then rotates outside your head, from one side of the jaw to the other, while you stay still.

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Air Purifier Technology

Electric air purifiers help improve air quality at the dental office. Here at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry, we use air purifiers to capture pollutants, including viruses and bacteria, and filter the air. Indoor settings can be high-risk environments for virus transmission. During procedures, clients need to take off their masks and this can potentially send microbes into the air. To protect both clients and the dental staff, we set up air purifiers so small particles can be trapped, and only clean air is released into the environment.

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Latest Autoclave Sterilization Technology

Autoclaves are sterilization devices that use steam to kill microbes. We're using the latest autoclave sterilization units here in our dental office to ensure that all our instruments are always safe for use. We carefully load the instruments into the units and expose them to high pressure and steam for a full sterilization cycle. Infection control is part of our practice here at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry. We follow disinfection and sterilization guidelines set by local healthcare authorities.

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