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Implant Restoration Services

Losing a tooth can be a difficult experience for patients in a number of ways. In some ways it is akin to losing a part of yourself. Psychologically, the impact of a lost tooth can be painful. However the damage extends beyond a patient's morale or confidence. A missing tooth can create problematic issues with bite profiles leading to pain experienced while chewing, changing facial structure, and the shifting of your remaining teeth in an effort to fill in the gap left behind by the missing tooth. Here at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry, your dentist in Kemptville is pleased to assist you in restoring or achieving your ideal smile, by providing you with a variety of options that include dental bridges, dentures, or in some cases, dental implants and implant restoration treatments.

how an implant is inserted into the jaw line

As an alternative to dentures that patients have commonly reported as becoming loose when speaking, chewing, or even smiling, your dentist in Kemptville can provide dental implants. Dr. Besher Alfarra will work with you to design custom built dental implants that are designed to effectively replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are often made using a titanium alloy material that is fused directly into your jaw bone. As a result, the implants are stable, strong, and long lasting. Implant restoration involves surgically opening your gums and placing the implant just beneath the gum line onto your jaw bone, acting as if it is an artificial root canal. Once the surrounding tissue has bonded to the implant, has had time to fully heal, and is held firmly in place, an artificial tooth or crown is placed on top of the implant to restore and improve your smile.

In contrast to dentures or dental bridges, dental implants are completely independent, acting and functioning in the same way as your natural teeth. Apart from enhancing the stability of your neighboring teeth, dental implants enable you to eat a wider variety of food so you can enjoy your meals again. Contact us today at (613) 258-7373 to book an appointment at our dental office in Kemptville. Dentist Dr. Besher Alfarra is here to alleviate any concerns.

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