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Kemptville Smiles Dentistry

Before & After Photos

Here at your favorite dental office in Kemptville and North Grenville, ON, we strive to provide our client's with the best care they deserve while maintaining a relaxing and soothing environment. From our spacious rooms with lots of natural light, calming color schemes, state of the art dental equipment, and a children's corner we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that you deserve.

Kemptville Smiles exterior

Porcelain veneers and crowns
on front teeth

Before and after images showing the results of direct composite

Chair-side composite veneers on canines converted to laterals. Orthodontist moved the canines next to the centrals because patient was missing laterals.

 Dr. Tamara Erak Lisa
before and after
before and after
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kemptville Smiles before set two
kemptville Smiles after set two
kemptville Smiles before set three
kemptville Smiles after set three
kemptville Smiles before set four
kemptville Smiles after set four
kemptville Smiles before set five
kemptville Smiles after set five
kemptville Smiles before set six
kemptville Smiles after set six
kemptville Smiles before set seven
kemptville Smiles before set seven