Extracting teeth is usually necessary when a tooth has been significantly damaged or infected. When the tooth is too weak to undergo restorative procedures, then it must be removed in order to prevent further damage and infection of the surrounding gums. But thankfully, extractions are fast, easy, and performed with sedation to make the process pain-free and as comfortable as possible.

What to Expect During an Extraction?

An extraction literally refers to the removal of a tooth. If your dentist has determined it to be a necessary course of action, then you must book a follow-up appointment for the actual extraction. During your appointment, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic to enhance relaxation, numb the area of the mouth and minimize any painful sensations. The dentist will then remove the tooth and instruct you to bite down on a cotton pad to prevent bleeding. Dissolvable stitches may also be applied for certain cases, such as wisdom teeth extraction.

After your appointment, you will need to have a family member or friend take you home as it can take some time for the anesthetic to wear off. It can also take a few days and up to a week for the swelling to go down and the healing to complete. During this time, you’re encouraged to stay at home and only consume soft, room temperature foods. An ice pack and medication can also assist in recovery and minimize any discomfort.

When is an Extraction Necessary?

Our dentists at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry will inspect your teeth during each check-up and inform you if an extraction is ever necessary. In general, this procedure is performed when wisdom teeth begin to emerge, or when a tooth is broken or damaged beyond repair. Teeth that are also seriously decayed or diseased can also require removal if they cannot be saved with any restoration treatments.

Our team at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry take pride in delivering exceptional service to each and every one of our patients. We always aim to provide a safe and calming environment. So come visit us for your next appointment. We will take good care of your oral health and always recommend treatments that are customized for your specific needs so you can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.





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