Keeping your gums thoroughly cleaned can be difficult to achieve, even with regular brushing and flossing. Food particles and plaque can build up in areas where your toothbrush can’t really reach. That’s why having regular gum hygiene treatments and cleanings by your dentist are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health.

By visiting the dentist at least twice a year and when recommended, you’re taking preventative action to avoid and fight off tooth decay, damage, and gum disease.

What are Gum Hygiene Treatments?

During each visit to your dentist, there are numerous gum hygiene treatments that are used to clean, treat, and maintain the condition of your teeth and gums in order to keep them healthy. Dentists are trained and equipped with specialized tools to remove plaque buildup, tartar, and tough, stubborn stains. During each visit, your dentist will also inspect the condition of your mouth to monitor any potential signs of decay or damage.

What are Gum Hygiene Treatments?

Each and every appointment with your dentist consists of preventative action with the oral care that they provide. That simple cleaning that only takes up a short period of time can save you a great deal of time, money and anguish in the future.

With advanced tools and materials, our team here at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry will help prevent the onset of gum disease, which can become irreversible if left unmanaged and untreated.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious condition that can become irreversible. Some of the most common signs of this include bleeding gums, swelling, persistent bad breath, loose and sensitive teeth, receding gums, and painful sensations when chewing. One of the most dangerous factors of gum disease is that it can often go unnoticed among patients. In addition, gum disease has shown to be linked to other major health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Without regular visits to the dentists, you can end up placing your oral health and your entire health at risk. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact us at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry to book an appointment. We can assess the condition of your oral health and provide the treatment and care you need for gaining back a healthy and attractive smile.





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