Conscious sedation through the use of laughing gas is commonly used by patients during dental procedures to help keep them calm and relaxed so that the dentist can easily perform the necessary work. This form of sedation also helps dissipate any fear and anxiety prior to a procedure since it creates a happy, relaxing, and euphoric state of mind.

What are the Effects of Conscious Sedation?

Although the laughing gas produces a slightly drowsy effect, it allows patients to remain fully conscious which can be necessary for certain treatments. Prior to treatment, your dentist will instruct you to lay back and relax before placing the mask on your face. Once the gas begins to flow, you may notice a slightly sweet scent and then feel the effects almost immediately.

Aside from relaxing patients, nitrous oxide can also produce feelings of giddiness, laughing – hence the name – and an overall sense of wellbeing. Some patients may also notice some tingling sensations in their arms and feet. But the best part about this sedation is that it will make your appointment feel like a breeze, and before you know it, you’ll be done and ready to head home.

Is Laughing Gas Safe?

This gas is very safe for patients and is considered a relatively safe method of sedation. And, since it is a low-grade anesthetic, there are no lingering effects in the body, which means the effects will wear off quickly, allowing patients to resume their normal activities shortly after their appointment.

If you’d like to learn more about laughing gas and whether it can be administered for your next dental procedure, contact us at Kemptville Smiles Dentistry. We can answer all of your questions and concerns during your next appointment.





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