Why are my gums itchy?

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Have your gums ever felt itchy? It might sound strange that you have an unpleasant itch in your mouth and you probably want to know what causes that strange feeling.

Why are my gums itchy?

Here are the top four reasons why your gums might feel itchy:

  1. Allergies

    Allergies often cause irritations. Sometimes your allergies will result in irritation on your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and even on your gums. It could be from eating something that is a known allergen to you or using a product that contains something that you may be allergic to. Allergy testing might help you identify what is causing this. It is also possible you have oral allergy syndrome (OAS). This is often mild and can be cleared up with an antihistamine.

  2. Plaque

    A build-up of bacteria on your teeth can start to cause inflammation of the gums. If you don't properly remove plaque from your teeth and gums every day, it can build up enough to cause sensitivities to the tissue. To avoid that itchy feeling, keep up with your dental hygiene; brush and floss twice a day.

  3. Gum Disease

    If you have gum disease you may notice your gums feel itchy. Gingivitis usually causes swelling and bleeding in the gums but it can also cause itchiness and an uncomfortable sensation. If you think you are experiencing itchy gums caused by gum disease make an appointment with your dentist to create a treatment plan.

  4. Surgery

    Itchy gums may be a sensation caused by the healing process after oral surgery. When your tissues heal they sometimes create a feeling of itchiness. You can rinse your mouth with salt water to alleviate the feeling. If your gums still feel itchy and uncomfortable for a long period of time after your surgery, it is important to contact your dentist.

If you are experiencing, annoying and uncomfortable itchy gums, drink lots of water to keep your saliva flowing, brush and floss your teeth, and try rinsing with saltwater. If the feeling does not go away, make an appointment to speak with your dentist.

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