What to do if a tooth feels loose

man holding side of face in pain

Baby teeth are bound to fall out and be replaced by adult or permanent teeth. But adult teeth, as much as possible, should last a lifetime.

Unlike other parts of the body that can heal and regenerate, the teeth are not able to restore their shape or condition on their own. In some instances, they get chipped, knocked out, or damaged beyond repair.

Sometimes, the teeth may feel loose, which can make you worry. What if your permanent tooth suddenly feels loose? What should you do?

It may feel scary, but not to worry as your dentist in the Kemptville area is there to assist you.

Spring into action. Take note of these tips to protect and save loose teeth.

  1. Contact your dentist immediately.

    It's important to act quickly if your tooth is no longer snug in its place.

    If the tooth came loose due to trauma, see your dentist as soon as possible. They can inspect your mouth to see if there are other possible damages and determine the extent of the issue.

    The main goal will be to reattach your tooth, which may require surgery. Your dentist will perform a thorough inspection of your mouth and explain what solutions are possible.

    If your tooth came loose due to an accident, chances are you'll be rushed to the emergency.

    Depending on the condition of your teeth, health care providers may be able to address the issue. If not, they may refer you to the dental office for complete access to necessary equipment and services.

  2. Rinse your mouth.

    After booking an appointment with your dentist and if there's no need to rush to the emergency room, the next thing to do is look after the area carefully.

    It helps to rinse your mouth to remove any debris that may have been trapped or stuck.

    Several factors can cause a tooth to come loose, and this includes poor oral hygiene habits. While waiting for your appointment, don't forget to brush and floss thoroughly but gently.

  3. Refrain from touching the tooth.

    While touching the tooth may give you a clue how loose it is, refrain from doing so.

    You'll want to avoid contaminating the area or touching its roots. You'll want to be cautious so as not to touch the roots of the tooth, especially if the tooth falls out completely.

    You may notice the tooth becoming loose gradually. Once you see signs, talk to your dentist about it. Your routine oral checkups and hygiene cleanings offer a great opportunity to report any irregularities in your mouth.

  4. Keep your mouth moist.

    Drink plenty of water to stimulate the flow of saliva and keep your mouth moist.

    Saliva helps neutralize acid levels in the mouth, assists the teeth in their fight against harmful acids, slows down tooth decay, and works to prevent gum disease.

    Gum disease is one common culprit to tooth loss and gum disease. And it happens over time. The early stages are reversible with good oral hygiene habits.

  5. Avoid using the area.

    Refrain from exposing the area to further pressure. Eat soft food in the meantime and be careful so as not to further dislodge the tooth.

    If the tooth can no longer be reattached, your dentist will look into the next steps you can take to restore your smile and protect the rest of your teeth.

Know what to do if your tooth feels loose with the help of your dental team

The treatment for loose teeth varies depending on the extent of the damage. Get in touch with your dentist at Kemptville, ON for an appointment and to receive further instructions while waiting to see them.

A loose tooth may still be saved. There are also several ways to prevent it, but some causes cannot be avoided and happen in an instant. Know the steps you can take by informing your dental team of the situation immediately.

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