Dealing with Your Child's First Cavity

dentist working on childs teeth

Hearing that your child has a cavity can come as a big shock. Even if you've done everything right and followed the proper dental advice, your child's teeth can still be prone to tooth decay. When it happens, the first cavity should be dealt with lightly to avoid frightening your child (or punishing yourself).

If you're dealing with your child's first cavity, here are some tips that can help calm both your child's nerves and your own, while allowing you to understand the next steps that are usually involved.

Ask Questions

As a parent, don't be afraid to ask your dentist questions about the procedure. They should be able to walk you through what will happen, what you should be prepared for, and how you can better address the situation with your child.

Explain to Dissipate Fear

To prepare your child for the dental work, it's best to explain to them what is going to happen in a gentle manner. Let them know it is normal and try avoiding associating any fear with the procedure. There are lots of good books at your local bookstore that can explain how a tooth gets a cavity in a fun and educational way for kids.

Don't Overreact

If you make it a big deal or act nervous and stressed, your child will likely start to feel frightened and nervous about the procedure too. Instead, remain calm, don't overreact and act like everything is normal.

Play Make-Believe Dentist

Walking them through the procedure by playing 'pretend dentist' can better prepare them for the procedure and help calm any shaky nerves. It's also a fun way for you to relax if you're feeling a little anxious about the whole thing as well.

Focus On Cavity Prevention

The first cavity should come as a tell-tale sign to fix any habits that could be contributing to tooth decay. To reduce the chance of another cavity forming, limit acidic and sugary foods and drinks, monitor your child's dental hygiene techniques and ensure that they visit the dentist at least twice a year for a check-up and cleaning.

When your dentist informs you of your child's first cavity, don't panic. It's perfectly normal and easy to address. At Kemptville Smiles Dentistry, we take the time to walk parents through the process and provide them with everything they need to know from beginning to end. Our family-orientated practice ensures that your child is well taken care of and that you have the support that you need as well. So contact us today at (613) 258-7373!