5 Tricks to Teach Your Kids Good Oral Health

child smiling with missing front teeth

It's not easy getting your kids to brush their teeth, never mind convincing them to floss. But if you're armed with a few tricks up your sleeve, you may be able to get them to do just that and without much effort. Let us show you what we mean — here are five tricks to teach your kids good oral health.

Talk About the Tooth Fairy

All children eventually learn about the tooth fairy. And that wonderful, magical character is your perfect chance to teach your kids about good oral health. By explaining how the tooth fairy pays more for perfectly clean teeth that have been brushed and flossed every day, you can easily convince your kids to take better care of their pearly whites (Pro tip: let them know that the tooth fairy pays more to kids who don't spend their money on candy!).

Use Descriptive Stories

Kids love stories, and it's arguably the way they learn best. If you're a good storyteller, then it should be easy for you to come up with a tale about good oral health and how it will make their teeth and gums stronger. If you're no J.K. Rowling, there are plenty of children's books available with helpful pictures and information that are both entertaining and educational for your kids.

Engage in Show and Tell

Kids watch your every move, so why not show them how you take care of your teeth? By being a role model for healthy teeth and gums, your kids can learn precisely what good oral health should look like. If you're not sure your habits are up to par, talk to one of our dentists at Kemptville Smiles, and we'll show you how to properly brush and floss so you can pass along the correct techniques to your children.

Try Games and Apps

Did you know that Sponge Bob has a game called Cavity Crisis? There are a number of exciting online games and apps that are designed to teach your kids about the importance of oral health. For instance, if your kids struggle to brush for the full two minutes try Brusheez - The Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer App. If they find brushing boring, download Brush With Momo so your kids can brush along with a friend.

Give Praise and Encouragement

It's helpful to compliment your kids when they've done a job well done. If they do the right strokes or brush for the full two minutes, make sure to give them praise and encouragement. A little positive enforcement can go a long way in their oral development and let them know when they're on the right track. If you decide to reward them, just remember to keep it healthy - giving them candy as a reward won't give them the right message.

For more tips and tricks to teach your kids good oral health, come for a visit or give us a call at (613) 258-7373. Our team loves working with children and are familiar with all the techniques that work best when it comes to teaching your kids to brush and floss properly. We're here to assist you in helping them to grow up to have strong and healthy teeth.